The 4 Types of Professors You’ll Meet at University

Written by Dr. Thomas McKinley, SFU Professor


There are a few things you can count on when it comes to your university experience. You’re going to take classes, you’re going to make friends, and of course you’re going to meet some professors. Now, I hate to promote stereotypes but unfortunately when it comes to profs at SFU you can pretty much boil them down to four categories. Of course, generally they aren’t going to be just one type but a combination. Some might even fall into all four categories. Anyway, here are the four types of professors you’ll probably meet during your college years, especially if you take my class (Business Administration 201!!!).


1. The “Chill” Professor


Oh man, this guy is great. He’s the kind of prof who’ll just be really cool and chill all the time. You know, the type who will crack a few jokes about, I don’t know, buisness administration, and everyone will think it’s real funny and want to hang out with him. It’s always a great time with this professor and you’ll just love him.

2. The “Super-Cool” Professor


Believe it or not, the “super-cool” professor really exists. He’s the dude you’ll take a class with and just think the whole time “Wow, I can’t believe Dr. McKinley (or whatever his name is) could really be a professor, he’s so hip and into all the same music as me.” Definitely, do not miss an opportunity to take a class with this type of prof, or get a beer with him after class at the pub at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.

3. The “Sexy” Professor


Ah, the “sexy” prof, always a campus favourite. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, gay or straight, you’ll want to take his class just to get a look at him in some of his cool tweed pants. Not only is this type of prof fashionable and extremely attractive, he’s also pretty funny too and can make jokes about anything, even business administration, and actually be funny!

4. The “Too Interesting, Informative and Also Gorgeous” Professor


Hey, did you really think they would all be positive? Well, sorry, at university you’re going to meet a few profs who are just so downright good at their jobs that it’s annoying. Seriously, give yourself a week in this guy’s class and you’ll want to be his friend so bad you’ll just want to die. If you want to fall madly in love with a prof to the point where you spend all lecture writing “Mrs. Thomas McKinley” inside hearts, be my guest, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!