University briefs

By Ariane Madden

University of Alberta to become leader in recycling helium

Researchers at the University of Alberta are looking to capitalize on a world helium shortage by developing new ways to collect and recycle the elemental gas. Helium is most often used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, as well as welding, research, and to fill party balloons. However, most of the gas is released into the atmosphere after use, and depleted supplies and processing plants have only exacerbated the worldwide shortage.


York University students call for enhanced security communications

Students at York University in Toronto are calling for more public and synchronised emergency communication systems in light of a string of recent physical and sexual assaults on campus. Though a suspect has been arrested, many students say that the current methods of emails and putting posters around the school are uncoordinated and ineffective at informing the campus population of potential dangers like the one posed by the attacks.


Florida university chief resigns amid hazing scandal

The president of Florida A&M University resigned last week amid court proceedings from the death of a drum major after a hazing incident last fall. While the president originally gave 90 days notice, the university’s board of directors voted unanimously to force James Ammons to step down, effective immediately. The school has been beset by issues of low retention, financial inaccuracies, and an impending lawsuit implicating school officials of wrongful death related to the hazing incident.