CFS funds to be directed to DSUs

By Graham Cook

The SFSS has announced a proposal for the next fiscal year’s budget. It involves reallocating money from the society development fund, which had money set aside for the legal dispute with the Canadian Federation of Students. There was a settlement reached between the society and the CFS, making it possible to free up the remaining funds from that account.

The majority of the extra available funds will be put towards departmental student unions, clubs, and organizations such as the Women’s Centre and Out on Campus. SFSS treasurer Keenan Midgley spoke with The Peak, outlining the plan. The available funds for DSUs will apparently increase approximately $20,000 from $80,000 to a total of $100,000. Student clubs are also scheduled to receive a similar increase.

As far as groups such as Out on Campus and the Women’s Centre go, Midgley stated that he has “taken into consideration their requests” and that they will be at or above their 2008 levels, which is what was requested. In addition, he stated that “some levels are actually higher than what they requested because we think some of those services are really important for the school’s community and our outreach.”