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BRAZIL – Brazil’s first female president impeached 

The impeachment of Dilma Rousseff from the Workers’ Party has been in process since 2015. She has been suspended from office since May and lost her presidency on August 30. Rousseff was very popular amongst the public, but the growing economic problems in Brazil since 2011 led to a loss of support. Rousseff allegedly wasn’t involved in any corruption scandals, but faced impeachment due to allegations of illegal handling of federal budgets. It is claimed that she committed these crimes to enhance the standing of government accounts to gain local support, while on the other hand, Rousseff argues that her predecessors had acted similarly. Some believe that the pretext for her impeachment is a political coup against her.

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US – President Obama calls out Trump-Putin bromance

Obama has been the president for long enough to know what to say on national and international forums. Meanwhile, Trump has been accused of making substantial, inconsistent, and illogical statements on international affairs since the beginning of his presidential run.  Trump praised the “strong control” that President Putin has over Russia, while also adding that Putin is a better leader than Obama.

The courtship between Trump and Putin is no secret, as Putin has endorsed Trump’s campaign. The two have also demonstrated similar views on aggressively dealing with ISIS. Obama, expressing his distrust for Trump, recently said, “I don’t think the guy is qualified to be the president of the United States.” Obama added that presidency is “serious business.”

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SYRIA – Syrian refugees’ miraculous escape in wheelchairs 

It’s been five years since the Syrian Civil War began, and numerous migrants have since sought to cross the border to safety. Alan Mohammad and his sister, Gyan, are two Syrians who crossed the borders fleeing for their safety just like other refugees. However, this story is defined by the challenges that the siblings have faced as individuals with muscular dystrophy. The siblings’ journey was captured by Amnesty International. A spokesperson for the organization described their migration as a sign of their “strength and resilience.” Alan said that “for disabled people, it’s like a miracle to cross the border.” The siblings travelled by boat and were also strapped to horses on their way to Kurdistan, as shown in the video by Amnesty International.

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