University Briefs

By Ariane Madden

B.C. government to cut higher education funding


The British Columbia government announced last week that it will be cutting $70 million in funding from advanced education. The cuts, which only amount to 2.2 per cent of the government’s current funding total, are supposed to come from “administrative savings”.


Fire at UBC residence caused by cigarette


A fire at the University of British Columbia’s Gage residence tower last Wednesday was a result of a poorly discarded cigarette. The fire, which started in a recycling bin on the 16th floor of the south tower, did not cause any injuries and students were able to return to the building shortly after it was extinguished.


Carleton prof faces criticism for anti-climate change class


A Carleton University earth sciences professor faced academic criticism for running a class whichz featured speakers who denied human involvement in global climate change without informing of the general scientific consensus. The Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Criticism compiled a 98-page report offering 148 corrections to claims made during the 12-lecture class.


McGill shuts down “wikileaks“ university website


Officials at McGill University in Montreal shut down a wikileaks-style website which exposed information about donors to the university. McGill administration and Montreal police are investigating the source of the information breach, saying that it was malicious in nature.


UBC research investigated for cruelty to monkeys


The British Columbia SPCA has announced that it is investigating the treatment of macaque monkeys at UBC’s brain research facilities. The Stop UBC Animal Research group alleges that four monkeys were killed after being injected by neurotoxins, a practice they say is part of cruel treatment of the research animals.


Ariane Madden