Evolve E-Bikes make their way to SFU Burnaby campus

BCAA introduced E-Bike project to have a zero-emissions option for transportation

This is a photo of the blue Evolve E-Bikes outside of the SFU Burnaby campus. A row of Bikes are lined up. The bikes have baskets in the front where helmets and safety information sit.
PHOTO: Afsaneh Keivanshekouh / The Peak

By: Eden Chipperfield, News Writer

On August 28, a new transportation option rolled its way onto the SFU Burnaby campus. 30 new electric pedal Evolve E-Bikes are now available in various spots across the mountain for the SFU community to enjoy. The bikes will be available 24/7 for pick-up and drop-off, from the Dining Commons Patio to University High Street. 

The Peak connected with David Agosti, Parking and Sustainability Mobility Services director at SFU, to discuss the conception of the Evolve E-Bike program. 

The program’s purpose is to encourage a “zero-emissions mobility option” for all who find themselves around SFU Burnaby, said Agosti. “It was an idea spurred from SFU’s 2025 sustainability goals related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.” 

As part of SFU’s Strategic Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, the introduction of the bikes is a way for SFU to reach their goal to reduce Scope 3 emissions by 2025. Scope 3 emissions are the emissions that are not produced by SFU directly, but rather emissions that occur from their business activities. A key example of this is the student club SFU350’s call on SFU to divest their money from Scotiabank, which is the second-largest funder of fossil fuel projects in Canada.

The hope is that having the E-Bikes available will aid in accomplishing the goal “to reduce Scope 3 emissions from 2019 levels by 25 percent.” Agosti added, “The bike share program can help us meet that target.” 

The Evolve E-Bike initiative is a conception of BCAA, which owns and operates Evo Cars. Their car share program has been in place around SFU since 2016. The Evo app will include the Evolve E-Bike locations to enjoy around Lhuḵw’lhuḵw’áyten (Burnaby Mountain) with its various bike lanes and paths. 

The E-Bikes include helmets for riders and “access to safety information, riding tips, and advice on the [Evo] app.” The helmet and information are included on the front of the bikes. Pricing ranges from “$0.35 per minute, or $12.99 per hour, plus an additional $1.25 unlocking fee per trip.” Alternatively, the bikes can be accessed through a subscription for $9.99 monthly. 

The bike pick-up and drop-off stations are located at the northeast transportation centre, southwest transportation centre, town & gown square, University High street, Fraser International College, Dining Commons entrance, Dinning Commons patio, Courtyard Residences, and water tower. “The location of the nine designated parking zones was chosen in consultation with various SFU departments looking at proximity to start-of-trip destinations, proximity to end-of-trip destinations such as Nesters grocery store and Fraser International College, and proximity to existing approved cycling pathways and infrastructure,” explained Agosti. 

To celebrate the establishment of the Evolve E-Bikes on campus, the SFU community can register for a “free Evolve E-Bike Share membership” using the code HELLOSFU for 15-minutes of free riding, exclusive to new members. 

For more information on the Evo E-Bikes, download the Evo app on the App Store or Google Play