SFSS Council is launching their own breakfast program for SFU students

Need a volunteer opportunity? The SFSS is looking for volunteers to support their breakfast initiative

This photo is of the SFU stadium at the Burnaby Campus. The stadium is empty but it is a sunny day.
PHOTO: Krystal Chan / The Peak

By: Natalie Cooke, News Writer 

On February 8, The Peak attended the Simon Fraser Student Society’s (SFSS) bi-weekly Council meeting. The highlights from the meeting include discussing the new SFSS breakfast program, the Applied Science formal, and the Computer Science Student Society Silicon Valley trip.

SFSS begins new breakfast program for students on campus, calling for volunteers 

The SFSS is starting a free, weekly breakfast program for all SFU undergraduate students. The breakfast will offer toast, fruits, and a beverage. The first breakfast will begin on February 17. Volunteers will work from 9:45 a.m.11:45 a.m. and students can access this free breakfast from 10:00 a.m.11:30 a.m. The program will be held at the Social Stage, which is the lounge on the third floor of the Student Union Building at the SFU Burnaby campus. 

To volunteer for the breakfast program, email the SFSS vice-president of external and community affairs, Eshana Baran, at vpexternal@sfss.ca

Faculty of Applied Science Formal 

The SFSS has begun preparing for the Faculty of Applied Science Formal this year. This event has not been held since before the pandemic, and Shariq Ahsan, the computing science councillor, said they are ready to “bring it back this year.” 

The student groups participating in the event are the Computing Science Student Society, the Software Systems Student Society, the Engineering Science Student Society, the Mechatronics System Engineering Student Society, the Sustainable Engineering Student Society, and the Women in Computing Science

This presentation was conducted in hopes to receive $10,000 to support the event. With adequate funding, the Formal can be hosted in a reputable venue, with the inclusions of accessibility needs. The motion to fund the formal was approved unanimously by Council.

This year, the event will be held at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster. The SFSS Accessibility Committee has a checklist of accessibility needs that will be met at the event. The venue is across the street from the New Westminster skytrain station to accommodate transportation requirements. Additionally, the venue is wheelchair accessible, the SFSS will regard dietary restrictions, and there are quiet spaces if people need to step away.

Faculty of Applied Science Silicon Valley Trip

The Computing Science Student Society is preparing for the Silicon Valley Trip in California to meet with technology companies. It is a four day trip, beginning on April 25, 2023, and students will meet with two tech companies per day. 

Ahsan explained learning about the atmosphere, alumni, and employees of each company will give students the experience and awareness of what this career path can produce. This trip is ideal for students who are preparing for graduation and entering the workforce.

Google, Apple, Intel, Auro, Adobe, Oracle, and Zoom are examples of companies they will visit. Ahsan said, “Our students always seem to love the [company] selections.” 

Ashan was requesting a $8,500 subsidy from the SFSS to lower the costs for the 30 students who will attend the trip. Vice-president finance Rastko Koprivica suggested the SFSS instead offered the Computing Science Student Society $12,000. Koprivica said the additional funds would allow more students the chance to go on the trip. The motion to grant the Computing Science Student Society $12,000 was granted unanimously.