Monday Music: Indie songs for surmounting unrequited love

Empower yourself to let go with these alternative indie grooves

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By: Daniel Salcedo Rubio, Features Editor

Casio” by Jungle
Photo credit: XL Recordings

Are you feeling broken-hearted but don’t want to listen to a sappy crying-in-the-shower sad song? Then this song is perfect for you! “Casio” is about holding onto a relationship with no future for too long, and finally making your exit. The groovy rhythm is the perfect backdrop for moving on and not looking back.

Nagano” by CLUBZ, ft. Ela Minus
Photo credit: Clubz

We’ve all had an unrequited crush: longing for someone who’s just not there for us in the way we wish they were. “Nagano” details that moment when you realize that person is full of shit, giving you wings just to clip them when faced with commitment. Let the lyrics empower you and if you don’t speak Spanish, just enjoy the uplifting melody and warm synth vibes.

When Am I Gonna Lose You” by Local Natives
Photo credit: Loma Vista Recordings

I love this song mainly because of how much I relate to it. I’d say the inspiration for this song comes from the fear of losing someone you love, even though you might be in a healthy relationship with no red flags. I think those of us who have relationship anxiety can easily relate to that fear. Let the energetic rhythm serve as a lesson; enjoy the moment, cause there’s nothing to worry about.

Departamento” by Bandalos Chinos ft. Adan Jorowsky
Photo credit: Virgin Music Label And Artist Services (P&D)

I’m going to start by saying that if you broke up with someone, there’s probably a good reason behind it, and getting back with an ex might not be the best idea ever. Nonetheless, I recommend this song for whenever you’re longing for a past lover. The song is an ode to ‘80s disco, with meaningful lyrics like: “This voice no longer remembers that night / It only wants to sing to you / Laying in the bed at your apartment.”

Show me How” by Men I Trust
Photo credit: Indie

This is a chill-out song to reflect on a platonic relationship. The melody fits perfectly with the theme of the lyrics. Let the slow beat of the drums and the ‘80s-style synthesizer put you in the mood to cry out your sorrows and accept the pain and beauty of unrequited love. This is the song for when you involuntarily fall in love with a friend who you know has no interest in you, yet all you want to do is to listen to them talk.