An Ode To My Luvr

A photo of a Renaissance coffee cup.
It’s a nice samosa, baby, just say yes! PHOTO: Gudrun Wai-Gunnarsson / The Peak

By: Hannah Kazemi, Overly Devoted Staff Writer

Dear Renaissance,


Oh, how I love you so,

You stand by me when I need you most;

Your presence everlasting, unwavering, and eager —

My life on the line, I would put just to savour.


Mochas, carrot muffins,

Samosas and more —

Through good times and Zoom times

Your taste I adore.


Oh, how I crave you

And make special trips,

Up Burnaby Mountain

To bring cup to lip.


That sweet distinct scent

Drifting down AQ halls;

Go too long without it

And I get withdrawals.


Greeted by big smiles

And kind hearts full of love,

The people I meet there

Are sent from above.