Minutes – February 3rd 2020


Peak Publications Society Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Monday, February 3rd 2020
Peak Offices

Chair: Kelly Chia

In Attendance
Le (Yuri) Zhou (Board Secretary, non-voting)
Kelly Chia (Employee Members Representative)
Natasha Tar (Collective Member Representative)
Pablo Clairmont (At-Large Representative)
Bahar Vaghari Moghaddam (At-Large Representative)
Gabrielle McLaren (Editor-in-Chief)


Call to Order

Approval of Agenda
Natasha Pablo
All in favour

Approval of Past Minutes from January 6, 2020
Pablo Natasha
All in favour

Updated financials
Yuri to present

Membership report
Yuri to present
54 members

Land acknowledgement update
Kelly to present
Update it on paper. Add comments at final version
Pablo Natasha
All in favour

Discussion of attendance policy
Gabrielle and Yuri to present
Small edits by EIC and approve at next meeting

In Camera

EIC updates
Gabrielle to present