SFU sisters tear up the softball pitch together

Having a sibling on the team helps challenge and support both sisters

Georgia Ogg and Alex Ogg, two sisters on the SFU softball team, sit side by side with their legs out on the field, and a glove on either side of them.
After playing softball for most of their lives, 2022 will be Alex (right) and Georgia (left) Ogg’s last year on the SFU team. Krystal Chan / The Peak

By: Luke Faulks, Staff Writer

The Oggs both started playing softball around the age of five. Alex as a third baseman, and Georgia as catcher and outfielder. Now, they’re knocking it out of the park on SFU’s softball team. The Peak was able to interview the sibling duo on the unique dynamics of taking the field together. 

Despite not always playing on the same team, and even playing against each other, younger sister Georgia would often get called up to play with her sister in tournaments or crucial games. As a result of their one-year age difference, the duo shared there’s never been any real sense of competition on the field between them. 

“Our positions are very different, so we rarely compete for play time,” said Alex. 

Their positions reflect their strengths as players. “Alex is extremely strong offensively as a lead off hitter, whereas my strength lies on the defensive side as a catcher,” said Georgia. 

Off the field is a different story. “There is a natural sibling rivalry to push each other, especially in the weight room, or to keep motivating one another to work hard,” said Alex, who made it very clear that when it comes to training outside of regular scheduled practices, they operate alone.

“We both have very different lives in the summer and often part ways which makes training together nearly impossible. We often train by ourselves or with our other teammates.”

When they do work together with the rest of the team, however, they’re always looking out for one another. “We definitely critique and perfect one another whenever we get the chance to,” said Alex.

For both Ogg sisters, softball is a lifelong passion — and one that keeps providing them with exciting challenges. “We both have a passion and enjoy learning about the mental and strategic side of softball,” said Georgia. “We’re always looking to create unique plays, get lead runners, or do the unexpected.”

They find having a sibling on the team helps provide support. “We both rely on each other a lot; probably more than we would like to admit at times,” said Georgia. “We’re very lucky to confide in each other about the struggles we are experiencing and know that we’re both able to understand each other as we are going through the same experiences.” 

In addition to being able to rely on a sister as a support system, they’re able to lean on each other as teammates. Alex said, “[Georgia] is able to fully understand and help me with some of the struggles that I face on a day to day basis within my sport.”

It’s that relationship Georgia says helps the two overcome any obstacles that come their way. “We have both faced a lot of adversity within and outside of our sport which I think has made us closer and lean on each other in times of need. We have created a good relationship that allows for open communication but also keeps each other honest.” 

They also believe they use their sisterly bond work to extend “a sense of family connection among other girls on the team.” They added, “Our teammates are also massive support systems to both of us and we are extremely lucky to be surrounded by this group of girls!”

This is the Ogg sisters’ senior year, and potentially their last year of playing together. “We both are trying really hard to just to stay present and enjoy the moments we have together right now.

“Playing with your sibling is a unique experience [on] its own, with this being both of our last season we definitely are keeping each other in check and pushing for a great season to end on,” remarked Alex. “We couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to end our careers at SFU with and are excited to see what the program has to offer in years to come!”