Say goodbye to 2021 and hello to modern school spirit

SFU Bookstore releases their 2022 Spring merchandise line

Side view of a stack of notebooks
SFU Bookstore’s new line of embroidered notebooks

By: N.T., Peak Associate

With the start of yet another unprecedented pandemic New Year and semester, The SFU Bookstore is dedicated to supporting students and helping them cope with these challenging times by doing what they do best — offering a dazzling new line up of merchandise at extremely affordable rates.

If you are having any issues choosing from the countless options available to you at the Bookstore, below is a selection of our top three favourite releases from the Spring ‘22 line. This selection was carefully picked for our readers and based on a strict criteria of affordability, usability, and the commission percentage The Peak would receive.


  1. SFU embroidered notebooks

Capitalizing on the recent trend of journaling during the COVID-19 pandemic, SFU is releasing a new line of premium notebooks for students to journal their pain away. Especially during midterms and finals season. These journals may seem ordinary but they have the words “SFU” embroidered on the cover and are made of paper recycled from all the leftover final exams. This of course means they are limited edition since they’re made by SFU for SFU.

Price: $50–$1,000 (depending on the size of the SFU embroidery)


  1. SFU scented soap

With many students pining for in-person classes, the SFU Bookstore has worked hard to alleviate stress by helping students feel they are still on campus. In collaboration with Chanelle Perfume (no affiliation to Chanel), the SFU Bookstore has created a line of scented soaps with classic SFU smells, so students never have to worry about SFU’s commitment to mental health again. Choose from a range of scents such as: worn down concrete, fried laptops, or — our personal favourite — clothes worn for three days straight with a dash of dorm rooms built in the 1960’s. Clean your body, refresh your mind and wear the scent of Canada’s most engaged university all for an extremely affordable price! 

Price: $150 per cubic inch


  1. New editions of the same textbooks

SFU Bookstore is proud to announce they are remaining consistent in their effort to provide students with top-quality reprints of the same information with different pictures. Sure, you can buy electronic copies of textbooks, share previous editions with friends, or even borrow them for four hours at the library, but how else will you remember you’re 10 weeks behind on your readings if you don’t have an up-to-date physical copy looming in the corner of your room?  

Price: To be determined by the bookstore upon reviewing your bank statements