A young couple are at the theatre. The projector light passes overhead, as the two stare over the camera. A drink is between them, and a bag of popcorn and another drink are at their sides. They look slightly disconcerted about something happening on screen.
It’s almost more difficult to not throw out your garbage. Photo: Felipe Bustillo / Unsplash

By: Marco Ovies, Features Editor

I love going to watch movies in theatres. There is such a strong sense of community, everything looks better on a big screen, and the overpriced popcorn is delicious. What I don’t love about going to the movies? People who refuse to throw their garbage out when they leave.

There are garbage cans literally right outside the theatre that are almost impossible to miss. Additionally, there are often  employees waiting for you to leave the theatre who will sort your garbage for you. How much of an inconsiderate asshat do you have to be to make these underpaid workers clean up your mess for you? I promise that whatever you’re rushing off to do after your movie can wait the few seconds it takes to throw out your garbage.

Maybe it’s confusing for people so I’ll give you step-by-step instructions: Step one: When the movie is over, grab your garbage — it’s just where you left it. Step two: Walk out of the theatre with said garbage (hint: this is the same exit you would normally take). Step three: place the garbage into any of the garbage bins located directly outside of the theatre.

Was that so hard? The answer is no. So instead of rushing off to Google the meaning of the movie you just watched was because you’re too obtuse to understand it, do the bare minimum and clean up after yourself.