Monday Music: The sex(y) playlist™

Because the person who should be feeling you, first and foremost, is yourself

Photo via The Peak

by Juztin Bello, Copy Editor

A sex playlist is a great way to have some fun and elevate an already passionate moment. Whether your soundtrack is filled with the grooviest R&B, rhythmic alternative jams, or high-intensity bangers to get the heart racing, sex playlists definitely help to generate some magic under the covers. However, not all songs on a sex playlist have to exclusively be used for sex purposes.

So whether you’re getting busy in the bedroom, turning looks as you strut down the hall, or just need something to listen to ‘cause, hey, you’re feeling it today, here are some songs perfect for your sex(y) playlist.


“Sativa” — Jhené Aiko ft. Swae Lee

Jhené Aiko starts the first verse with “Is it hot in here or is it just me?” which really sets the tone for this list. Appropriately named after a strain of cannabis, the song has a chill, melodic vibe while maintaining a sensual beat in the background. The combination of Aiko and singer/rapper Swae Lee in this song works well for playing with two-sided seduction. There’s something about this song that makes me feel like I’m on the dance floor of a club looking at a guy across the room, laser lights dancing on the hazy smoke looming overhead, as dancers around seem to move in slow motion. 


“Kiss It Better” — Rihanna

Perhaps an artist with numerous songs that fit this category, Rihanna is no stranger to helping listeners feel sultry. While her latest album, ANTI (2016), shows Rihanna’s expertise in the sexy genre especially well, “Kiss It Better” hits the strongest for me. The best part is the electric guitar that comes in the beginning; it really captures the song’s essence entirely. While I’m not trying to say the only time I feel myself is when I’m out on the town, this song definitely screams “I’m walking through a crowded club (in slow motion), and all eyes are on me.” I could say more about this song’s sex appeal, but I’ll leave on one note: Rihanna, where’s the damn new album?    


“break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” — Ariana Grande

While I’m not a huge supporter of splitting up a relationship out of boredom, I can’t deny that this track by Ariana Grande makes me feel like That Bitch™. The song radiates such strong bad bitch energy, and I have to commend Ariana for re-introducing this flirtatious attitude reminiscent of her “Dangerous Woman” persona. Because of the song’s theme, it definitely makes me feel like I’m doing something I’m not supposed to, which is kind of hot, in a sense. Particularly, I think the song’s slow, yet sexy tempo — which brings it away from Ariana’s typical pop-sound to a more R&B-sound — reinforce the sultriness of it. Fun fact: the bridge is an interpolation of NSYNC’s “It Makes Me Ill,” and what could be sexier than a classic frosted-tipped 90s boyb