Monday Music: NeW YEaR neW mE

Resolutions are out, reinvention is in

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Juztin Bello, Copy Editor

Yes, I know. You’ve heard this cliche before. Once the calendar rolls over onto that fresh January 1, all that can be heard is a resounding chorus of people renouncing their past identities and bringing to life refreshing new idealized versions of themselves. 

If you’re one of these people looking to ring in the new year with a new identity and/or new outlook on life to bring with you into 2020, a great way to start is by getting inspired by some new music. Will your 2020-self be better at self-care? Become more adventurous? Think more positively? The possibilities are endless, so here are three songs to get you started on your new year’s reinvention. 


“I Don’t Miss You At All” — FINNEAS 

Break-ups? Easy. Getting over a crush? No sweat. The emotional turmoil of loneliness? Never heard of her. With the inspiration from this track by artist FINNEAS, your 2020-self will be free from the baggage of the past and able to take on any heartbreak that may come your way — with a little convincing, of course. In “I Don’t Miss You At All,” FINNEAS says “But now our song is coming on, and now I wanna crash the car — but I won’t,” which details the very realistic struggle of trying to convince yourself that you’re over someone while reflecting on the things that remind you of them. Let this song be an anthem for the new 2020 version of you that actually gets over that certain someone — no matter how much self-convincing it takes. 

“Shrink ◐” — HONNE

Admittedly, maybe you didn’t prioritize self-care in 2019. Fear not, because with the influence from this song by British electronic-soul duo HONNE, you’ll be thinking a lot more about the proper care and attention you need this year. Off of their album Love Me ◑ / Love Me Not ◐ the song “Shrink ◐” describes the feeling of lost sanity and the acknowledgement that help is needed. The chorus, “You’d better book me a shrink for 2020, ‘cause by that time I’m gonna be crazy,” demonstrates the necessity of self-acknowledgement. Other lyrics in the song such as “I did not plan for this, they don’t teach you this in school” and “I need to take some time to deal with my anxiety” also address the importance of taking responsibility in caring for yourself, which is exactly what 2020-you will be doing.


“Don’t Bring Me Down” — PREP 

Was 2019 not your year? Found yourself negatively impacted by other people’s actions? Want your 2020 to be a little more positive? Well, “Don’t Bring Me Down” by PREP is the perfect anthem for the happy-go lucky 2020 you deserve. From their four-track album Cold Fire this London-based band provides listeners with a song that inspires a sense of optimism. The lyrics “Don’t bring me down (bring me down) I got no time for that other shit now” perfectly dismisses other people’s negativity and pushes listeners to not put up with other people’s nonsense. As if the lyrics weren’t enough to inspire your new outlook, the song itself has an upbeat and catchy vibe that can ensure that the 2020-you won’t be brought down by anything.