Let’s Get Haunted offers you scary stories year round

Missing that Halloween creepiness? Here’s the podcast for all things creepy

Screenshot via Instagram
Screenshot via Instagram

by Hannah Davis, Peak Associate

If you like spooky things no matter what time of the year it is, congratulations! You are creepy, just like me, and will therefore also probably like the podcast Let’s Get Haunted, brought to you by hosts Aly and Nat. 

“Haunted” refers in part to the podcast’s subject matter, which includes anything from conspiracy theories, witches, true crime, hauntings, and unexplained occurrences like the Dyatlov Pass Incident and the Staircase in the Woods phenomenon. In addition to recounting strange and paranormal historical occurrences, Nat and Aly share their own “personal hauntings,” which may have nothing to do with the paranormal. Instead, they try to show that “haunted” can just be a way to describe a bad day. I often giggle to myself while listening to the hosts gracefully recount their own misfortunes, including (spoiler alert!) Aly’s very haunted experience dealing with a con artist trying to get her to rent a wedding venue that didn’t exist. 

The podcast is well-researched and intriguing, peppered with the hosts’ funny and entertaining banter and inquiries. The tones of the stories they cover range from bizarre and weird to downright scary, but one can always be pulled back from the darkness by the hosts’ sharp senses of humour and Nat’s “nut” button (if you weren’t already intrigued, I hope that piqued your interest).

The hosts maintain a positive relationship with their listeners, encouraging them to send in their own personal hauntings (paranormal hauntings and otherwise), and feature these stories in special edition episodes. They also post and publicly appreciate artwork sent into them by fans on their podcast’s Instagram page. I would like to point out that there are some very artistically talented fans that listen to Let’s Get Haunted

I recommend listening to “Let’s Get Haunted” if you like all that is creepy and strange. Both hosts are inquisitive, funny, and smart, and approach their podcast and the bizarre stories they recount from a place of curiosity and acceptance rather than skepticism. Their podcast resides in a “what if?” space, as the hosts prefer to entertain outlandish theories and stories instead of poking holes in the narratives and condemning them as fake. Listen to this podcast today, and learn that Halloween isn’t the only time to get haunted.