Say “boo” to sugary sweets this year with these healthy Halloween hacks

Your favourite treats might be tasty, but their nutritional value is mysterious and spooky . . .

"Corn" might be in its name, but that doesn't mean it's healthy... Image courtesy of Dane Deaner / Unsplash.

By: Navya, Peak Associate

Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s one thing that makes the holiday even scarier: the sugary treats. We all love indulging in them during this festive season, but let’s not trick our healthy lifestyle this year and instead make some changes to the standard Halloween treats. Here are some of the ways you can treat yourself and your friends to a fun Halloween without spooking your health with sugary treats.

1. Prepare!

The best way to curb the candy cravings is to have healthier snacks already prepped before the day of Halloween. Prepping beforehand gives you enough time to make a bag of delicious treats and store them for later too, because, hey — healthy treats can be enjoyed anytime. 

My favorite treat to make is Halloween balls — they’re simple and super fun to prepare. All you need is wheat flour, bananas, maple syrup, and coconut. Simply throw everything in a food processor, blend until combined, and roll the mixture into balls. To give them a spooky twist, top each ball with two raisin eyeballs. You can always freeze them to enjoy later.

2. No time? We got you.

How does a healthy candy corn snack sound? All you need to do is layer the base of a cup with cut up mangoes or pineapple, top them with a layer of oranges, and finish with some whipped cream at the top. Voila! A healthy alternative to candy corn is ready in just five minutes.

3. Track those snacks

When it comes to those coveted Halloween treats, candy bars and chocolate aren’t exclusively a “no.” One way to enjoy your snack-size favorites while still being mindful of your health is to track your treats. Paying attention to how many treats you’re eating can make a huge difference in how many you ultimately consume. Holding on to your candy bar wrappers will surely help you to say “no” before you eat that fourth bar.

4. Eat full

And lastly, when it’s finally candy time: never eat on an empty stomach. Filling up with a meal before you skip to dessert is the ultimate hack. I bet candies look a lot more tempting when eaten on an empty stomach, so don’t let your stomach growl. The protein and fibre in a meal will make you feel more satisfied and less likely to sneak treats in your bedroom after the night’s festivities are over.

It might seem like there’s nothing better than a bag full of sweet and colorful treats, but they don’t have to be loaded with unnatural sugar. Using easily available ingredients for affordable and guilt-free snacking, you can create healthier alternatives that are still fun and festive. Above all, you should be mindful of your health during this holiday season. Happy Halloween!