Oh, The Places You’ll Go (Before and After you Convocate)

Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s The Places You’ll Go, SFU’s graduation ceremonies, and the archetypal (?) student experience


Written by Jennifer Chou, SFU Student

Oh, the places you’ll go!

(Unless there is snow.)

. . . 

Congratulations on gradu-waiting,

it only took you six years.

From construction that’s deteriorating

and destroying your ears,

to crowded lines at the 145.

(When will the gondola arrive?)


There are some things you won’t miss,

Like Beedie-branded bottles

and staring into the abyss.


What about April Fools’ Day,

when we farted in Convo Mall and walked away?

Or those posters about some Club Crawl,

and Naruto-running to class in the AQ hall?


Don’t forget searching for microwaves on campus,

and bros dropping loud weights at the fitness centre.

Or finally breaking a sweat to make the bus,

only to be forbidden to enter.


But other things you don’t mind,

like earning tons of likes and shares on a meme,

and raccoons eating all the trash they can find

(AKA the piece of paper you call your degree).


Oh, the places you’ll go!

(But don’t visit the avocado.)

From the shuttle to the SUB,

and don’t forget the Anime Club,

SFU does many things to engage —

remember that when you cross the stage.