Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast offers self-help that’s relevant to students

The motivational speaker seeks to “make wisdom go viral” with his online content

On Purpose premiered in early 2019 and now has over sixty episodes. Image courtesy of Jay Shetty / Variety.

By: Prabhdeep Dhaliwal, SFU Student

Motivational speaker, storyteller, viral content creator, and former monk Jay Shetty’s podcast On Purpose is an excellent resource for anyone looking for guidance and self-improvement. Shetty began his online career with a YouTube channel featuring advice videos for real life situations, where he aims to share wisdom and help viewers as a sort of life coach. His podcast On Purpose is a continuation of this pursuit for self-help content. 

The podcast currently has more than sixty episodes, which range from roughly thirty to ninety minutes each. They feature guests such as Russell Brand, Gary Vee, Chelsea Handler, Dr. Daniel Amen, Chrissy Metz, Huda, and Mona Kattan, among other recognizable names. Topics discussed include relationships, toxic friendships, healthy eating, self development, career success, marriage, mental health, finding your purpose, and self image. 

The first episode of On Purpose that I heard was titled “7 Couples Activities Scientifically Proven to Bring You Closer.” I was stunned by the way Shetty thinks and communicates his ideas as he explained why each of the seven activities brings a couple closer. As someone who is very interested in psychology, I loved understanding why these activities would be so beneficial. 

Of particular interest to students is the episode “6 Simple Things You Can Do Every Morning to Boost Your Energy Before Work.” These tips can easily be applied to things we can do every morning to boost our energy before school. Shetty’s six tips are:

  • No screen time until breakfast
  • Do not start your day with emails
  • Set your priorities the night before
  • Question-meditation
  • Set your intention for the day
  • Try to start your day with kindness

He starts this episode by focusing on self control and energy. He states that these two resources are very important and that it is necessary for us to charge them and use them wisely so as not to deplete them. Shetty explains how depleting these two resources makes us tired and unproductive sooner throughout the day. 

I would also recommend the following episodes to SFU students looking for guidance on studying, mental health, and handling university life:

I would give On Purpose a five star rating for its simplicity, Shetty’s conversational and friendly tone, and the applicability of his tips and wisdom. The podcast touches on a plethora of topics, which students everywhere can find useful and helpful — they aren’t strictly related to school, but to situations in our everyday lives.

On Purpose is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other podcast-hosting applications.