SFU Construction Watch: Week 10

A list tracking construction updates around campus

Andres Chavarriaga/ The Peak

[09/07/19]: This story was corrected from an older version. James Bremner was misidentified as the project manager of the Student Union Building (SUB). 

[09/07/19]: This story was corrected from an older version. The projected completion date for the Residence Building Phase 1 was originally listed as August 2020. It has been corrected to Spring 2021.

By: Onosholema Ogoigbe

SFU Construction Watch: the segment where we aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information about construction happening around our campuses.

SFU Surrey 

Surrey Sustainable Energy and Engineering Building (SE3P): The building was completed on April 2019 and will be open for classes in the Fall 2019 semester. 

SFU Burnaby 

Freedom Square/Convocation Mall: As previously reported by The Peak, the floor in front of the stage in Convocation Mall is completed. The stage and the stairs leading down into Freedom Hall and Convocation Mall, however, are still under construction. Both these sites were paused in order to allow the convocation ceremonies take place. The work is set to be completed by October 2020. 

Academic Quadrangle (AQ): According to SFU Facilities Services, the AQ is currently undergoing renewal construction from the Starbucks plaza to the AQ plaza. The public plazas and subsurface waterproofing is being replaced. The construction in the AQ is slated for completion by September 2020.

Student Union Building (SUB): Located on the south side of Freedom Square, the Student Union Building is still under construction. 

The SUB is expected to be completed in the Fall 2019 semester.

Residence Building Phase 1: Located on the former Louis Riel residence site, Phase 1 of the residence building is still under construction. The building consists of two seven-storey buildings housing 482 single rooms for first-year students. It is slated for completion by Spring 2021.

Residence Dining Hall: Currently, the Dining Hall is set to undergo two construction projects: one to expand the Dining Hall, and one to renovate the existing building. Neither of these projects have begun. The expansion is set to be completed by August 2020. The renovation has no expected completion date.

Lorne Davies Complex Stadium: According to the SFU Facilities Services website, the stadium currently being built on the field outside of Lorne Davies Complex Stadium is intended to have 1,818 individual seats and 10 accessible seats. The project is set to be completed by Summer 2020.

Corix Biomass: According to SFU Facilities Services,  the proposed Burnaby Mountain District Energy Utility Project is  “an extension of the regulated district located on South campus road.” 

The project is set to be completed by Summer 2020.