Convocation Mall’s floor will be ready for convocation

Construction for the campus venue is on track

Andres Chavarriaga/ The Peak

By Paul Choptuik, Coordinating News Editor

Construction in and around Convocation Mall is on track. The Peak reached out to James Bremner, the project manager, who confirmed through email what was previously reported in March by The Peak.

This means that the floor in front of the stage will be completed, and convocation ceremonies will not be disturbed. However, it had been previously stated that the stage would be under construction and temporary tiles would be installed. According to Bremner this is no longer the case, with construction on the stage now slated to begin after convocation.

According to Bremner, the stairs leading down into Freedom Square and Convocation Mall will also be open in time for the ceremonies. However, Bremner notes that the landings will have temporary tiles and will be finished in July.

Students worried about lost photo opportunities may be relieved to know that the north side of the Academic Quadrangle (AQ) plaza will be “generally” open according to Bremner, though he notes that the east and south sides will still be under construction.

Additionally, the area under construction between Convocation Mall and the Rotunda will not be finished.

“This tent and site fencing around [the area] will remain in place during Convocation and will have SFU Branded Regalia [sic] installed on it to improve its visual appearance.”

Bremner also stated that construction around the area will not be occurring during the ceremonies, though some construction work may be taking place elsewhere.

“There will be some construction work occurring [on the southern side] of the AQ as this will not effect [sic] the convocation ceremony,” writes Bremner.

The construction occurring around campus will impact the route taken by the procession of graduates. Kris Nordgren, assistant registrar of senate and academic services, outlined the changes.

“Normally the procession would exit the AQ (3000/main level) up the staircase to the outside (AQ 4000 level) and follow the path to the pond, and down the stairs to Convocation Mall,” Nordgren wrote.

Instead, the processions will now take a slightly longer route. Graduates will walk from Blusson Hall to Strand Hall, exit, and use the Strand Hall pathway to walk on the main path through the AQ and into Convocation Mall.

For students that may have questions or concerns, Bremner writes, “it is best if they contact Student Services as they are best placed to help with queries related to the Convocation Ceremonies.”