Canada’s Engaged in Construction University

Your time with us is short, but the construction is endless


Text by: Nicole Magas, Opinions Editor

Welcome to sFU, Canada’s Engaged in Construction University! Study with us on our beautiful Burnaby Mountain campus where the picturesque landscape is perfectly framed by stacks of steel scaffolding. Here, your education will be only a small part of your experience — literally, you will barely be able to hear your lectures through the endless drilling into concrete.

At sFU the friendships you make will last a lifetime. The people you meet in your cohort are destined to follow you to the same group therapy session to dissect the trauma of the trench-like conditions of navigating our university.

Our graduates are primed to enter the working world with a host of important life skills, including but not limited to: ignoring loud, unwanted noise; quick adaptability to rapidly changing, dynamic environments; and the patience of a saint to get through even the most trying of life’s challenges.

At sFU, our tuition rates are adjusted to account for the quality of your education: the more obstructive construction projects we start, the higher your tuition will be!

So come join us at sFU, where our quad only has three walls, but at least our students have their iClickers.

Photo by: Chris Ho/The Peak