SFU Fan Fiction – The Demon and the Concrete Man

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Written by: Kelly Chia, Staff Writer


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The Demon and the Concrete Man

By: xxXRavenclaw_BeedieWannabeXxx

Chapter: 1/?

Updated: October 10th, 2016

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My name is Kathearrynne (A/N: pronounced like Catherine, but not basic) Targaryen Dark Snow Ketchum.
I have startlingly high blood pressure and sunken red eyes that tell you I’ve been through Hell. Literally. I won’t get into it now, but at three months old, I had defeated Dracula… That’s where I got these fangs from. In my head, the song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day (A/N: if you don’t know this, get out of here, normie) plays on somber repeat. I did walk a lonely road, the only one that I had ever known… I never figured out friends, because everyone sucked figuratively. Suddenly, I was toe-to-toe to my next foe; the concrete behemoth that was called . . . Simon Fraser University.

It was my first day of First year. My ebony waist-length hair tipped with blue highlights – which I was BORN with – swayed side to side as I gazed upon my soon-to-be sacrifices. Miserable groups of red Welcome shirts passed me, undoubtedly admiring my all black ensemble. With a My Chemical Romance parasol on one hand, and an ironic Walkman in the other, I made my way through the campus.

I stalked my way to my welcome group, walking by the AQ pond, trying to find solace in the koi fishes when I bumped into him.

I was covered in goosebumps and my heart started beating against the accursed cage of my body. There he stood, a suave thing with curves and ripples in all the right places.

His outfit? An inconspicuous gray choice. His expression? Unreadable, yet noble. He looked like the guy that I wanted to ignore me, just like how I would ignore these meaningless studies. I fanned myself, darting my scarlet ruby eyes at him and at the floor hoping he would notice. I found myself lost in fantasies of us performing the default dance from Fortnite, staring lovingly at each other….

BUT THEN, I heard some IGNORANT student bawl, “Hey Catherine!!!!” I BORE my blood red eyes at them, even baring my canines to show that I meant business. How DARE they interrupt? Did they not feel the raw chemistry scorching the pond between us?

The student suddenly took a deep bow,  and loudly ejaculated, “SORRY, MILADY DARK SNOW TARGARYEN KETCHUM. I DID NOT MEAN TO DISRESPECT YOU.” (A/N: ugh, I’m sooo jealous of Kathearrynne… why can’t my interactions go this way?!?)

I was enraged, but I gave the offending student a chance to speak for their self.

The ignoramus began, “My name is Skye Drogon Pikachu… I have been waiting for you to fulfil your prophecy of taking over Simon Fraser University with your awesome parasol and cool swagger. Please, right this way, we must head to Welcome da—”

I interrupted Skye abruptly, pointing at my love. “Can’t you see we’re having a moment?!”

Skye paused, running their eyes at who I could be talking to, even though I was pointing directly at him. “Milady, all I see is that Terry Fox statue?” I was about to retort in my lover’s defence when I heard a crash over by the Convocation Square. With one last fleeting look at my love, I sped off!

***********************At the Convocation Square ****************************

Oh no. This was bad. Very bad. Before me stood the demon of exams in a corduroy coat and a fuzzy sweater, ready to claim my livelihood. The Professor..

“Your reign of terror is over, Professor! I will punish you in the name of the Moon!” I spat, pointing at the professor accusedly.

The Professor burst into wild laughter, “Muahahaha!!! Foolish girl! You think I’d let someone who would fall in love with a rock stop me?!” My heart dropped. This again…

The Professor screeched, jumping over me and placing glasses over my head, “Why don’t you see for yourself?!” Suddenly, my vision was incredible. I could see from here all the way to the bottom bus loop. I turned my blood red eyes to what the fiend wanted me to see… and only saw statues! This could only mean one thing…. The magnanimous man that I had fallen in love with….. had been turned into a concrete avocado!

“You sick son of a b—“

** Chapter End – Preview **

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Concrete Lover: ……

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