Staying In: Samurai Champloo

A perfect balance of genres for people with even the most different of tastes

Image courtesy of The Insiter

Best for: History nerds, philosophy fanatics, and pretty much anyone who likes comedy and anime

By: Maxwell Gawlick, Peak Associate


Samurai Champloo is the perfect Saturday-night-till-Sunday-morning show. With a mix of intense action, beautiful storytelling, and gorgeous animation, it’s a fantastic choice for both new and long-time anime lovers. The animation is smooth, exciting, and engaging, and the art style is beautiful and impactful. While it’s a work of art, it’s also hilarious — with tongue-in-cheek dialogue and physical humour, it’s sure to get a laugh.

Even though the anime is set in Edo-period Japan, the music and dialogue suggest a modern tone. Samurai Champloo follows Mugen and Jin, two swordsmen opposite in nature, and the ex-waitress, Fuu, to whom they are indebted. Though episodic, Samurai Champloo maintains an overarching, mysterious storyline revolving around Fuu’s quest to find the “samurai who smells of sunflowers.” The episodes are set in historical Edo Japan, but their subject matter isn’t set strictly to the time period. They touch on many important social issues tastefully, exploring war, racism, sexism, and poverty. Aside from history, the show balances intrigue, humour, and of course, action. No matter what genres you like, Samurai Champloo has something to offer.

Between its beautiful art and well-crafted story, Samurai Champloo’s 26 episodes will surely leave you pondering.


Samurai Champloo is available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Amazon Prime Video.