High School Teachers vs College Professors

Expectations should never be compared to reality

Image courtesy of ValoreBooks Blog

By: Sakina Nazarali, Peak Associate 

We all have had high-school teachers who scared the bejeezus out of us when they described professors at university. Dive into this piece to compare those myths your high school professors used to tell you about university with what it’s really like.


High-school teachers: “You can’t know anything about my life.”

College professors: “By the way, I have a drinking problem. Also, I adopted a raccoon last month without my wife’s permission, so she and I are getting divorced next month.”


High-school teachers: “You are going to need to work really hard at university.”

College professors: “Just to clarify, this Thursday, the midterm will consist of chapters one through five. In the meantime, do you want to listen to rap music or watch Frozen for this class?”


High-school teachers: “Well, really, I cannot share my political opinions with you.”

College professors: “Well, the orange-headed president in our neighbouring country needs to get impeached immediately. I will raise your letter grade if someone could end this presidency for their final project.”


High-school teachers: “You are not permitted to EAT or DRINK in my classroom!”

College professors: *devours a pack of crisps and sips a can of Red Bull as they lecture*


High-school teachers:  “You won’t have another chance to retake the midterms.”

College professors: “Honestly, if you can’t make it, just let me know. You can come during my office hours, or even come home with me next Wednesday. My wife will understand. Really, just keep me in the loop.”


High-school teachers:  “Write a 4000-word essay about glaucoma and cataracts in LEDCs vs MEDCs.”

College professors: “Man oh man, if you exceed 1000 words, you will be expelled on sight.”


High-school teachers: “I will be absent next week, but you will be having a substitute teacher.”

College professors: “My dog gave birth, class is cancelled.” *picture of puppies attached at the end of email*


High-school teachers: “Please only contact me through email or in person”

College professors: *on the first day* “This is my phone number. Feel free to call me at any time — just not at 3 a.m. or on a Friday night, ‘cause I promise you, I WILL give you the death stare during the next lecture if you interrupt my sleep.”