Carols of January

Singing January into season

Momo Lin

Written by: Kitty Cheung

Ahh, back to school season for the new year. The Peak has compiled a list of January carols to help us get back into the spirit of leaving behind our protective winter-break blanket cocoons and bursting into the soul-sucking peril of our education system. Cheers to spring term!

Let It Burn

Oh, the Burnaby Mountain weather is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful,

And since we failed this paper last term,

Let It Burn! Let It Burn! Let It Burn!

O Holy Syllabus

O holy syllabus my eyes are brightly burning

from reading this small print and lack of sleep

I’ll carelessly stuff you in my bag, spurning

then pore over you the morning of the final and weep

Rudolf the Sleep-Deprived Student

Rudolf the Sleep-Deprived Student

was only ever hyped up on coffee

and if you ever saw him

you would doubt he’d finish his degree

Then one foggy 8:30 class

The prof came to say:

“Rudolph with your head nodding slow

I’m afraid a zero in participation I will bestow!”

Paycheques Roasting on an Open Fire

Paycheques roasting on an open fire,

Papa Petter nipping on your tuition,

Financial situation is dire,

At least this part-time pays commission

All I Want in January

All I want in January is a passing grade

hung on by barely a thread last year

needed some winter cheer

now I’m ready to continue the academic cascade

hoping for a “meets expectations” fate

Deck the 145

Deck the 145 with winter coats and antisocial earphones

Compass-card beeps x9

‘Tis the season to read Reddit and ignore your classmates

“Please move to the rear of the bus” x9