Written by: Nathaniel Tok, Peak Associate


Airport in Libya shuts down due to rocket fire

In Tripoli, Libya, the city’s sole airport, Matiga airport, closed again amidst rocket fire less than a week after it reopened. The rocket fire did not harm anyone or damage aircrafts.

The attack demonstrated the divide among the opposing factions in the city. Rival groups have attacked the capital as it is a source of funds and business.

Following the bombing, the Matiga airport has transferred all its flights to the city of Misrata’s airport.

Prime Minister Fayez Seraj had noted that the “instability in the streets” is hindering the country’s ability to hold elections.

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Former Brazilian president pulls out of latest presidential election

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who appeared to be winning the Brazilian presidential race set to be held in October, has pulled out. Now his Workers’ Party will support Fernando Haddad, Lula’s running mate, as their presidential candidate.

Lula announced his decision from his detention cell with a letter. The Brazilian Superior Electoral Court had ruled earlier that Lula was “ineligible” to run due to corruption charges, leading to his incarceration. Lula has denied all such charges.

Lula was the presidential race’s front runner as future voters recalled how Lula saw Brazil through a period of economic growth during which Lula’s government helped many to escape poverty.

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Spanish government votes on what to do with Franco’s remains

The Spanish Parliament has approved the exhumation of Francisco Franco’s body from the Valley of the Fallen Spanish Civil War monument. The vote passed with 176 in favor, two against, and 165 abstaining.

This decision has split the country’s people. Franco’s surviving family is petitioning against the decision, while Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had made it one of his first acts in June when he became Prime Minister. Sanchez hopes the exhumation will “redress the rights of the victims of Francoism.”

Around 500,000 people died in the Spanish Civil war, which saw Franco gain control of Spain until 1975.

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Indonesia declares health emergency on the Island of Lombok

On the island of Lombok in Indonesia, tests have shown rising malaria infection rates after earthquakes in July and August.

Following the earthquakes which destroyed their homes, many residents were living in tents, becoming susceptible to infection. At least 128 people are currently believed to have been infected.

The local government has called on the regional and central government for mosquito nets as a preventative measure, and for help with testing and emergency services. Government officials are worried about what will happen during the imminent rainy season, as malaria mosquitoes breed more easily in wet environments.

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