WHAT GRINDS OUR GEARS: Cheap assholes who haggle with you

Image courtesy of YouTube

Written by: Eva Zhu, Opinions Editor

Don’t you just love the people who will spend a good half-hour arguing with you about why your already-discounted item on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace should be even cheaper?

Dude, I already took 50% off the price of a laptop charger that’s barely six months old, and you want to cut that price in half as well? How about you just trade me a half-empty bag of barbeque potato chips for it instead?

I’d understand if you wanted to negotiate $10 off, because maybe you only have that much in cash, but you can bet your haggling ass that I’ll fight you tooth and nail if you come at me with some bullshit about finding a very large scratch. I took the photo of the product and know exactly where all the imperfections are, so either you’re part-robot (in which case, please don’t become evil and try to kill all humans) or you’re looking through a magnifying glass the size of my face.

And no, the “I can always buy it from someone else who’s offering it for cheaper” line will not work on me. I did my research and know that I’m the only one selling a charger for a laptop so old it still has a CD drive.

The lesson learned here is simple. Repeat after me: I will not try to waste someone’s time haggling over the price of something that has already been priced as low as possible. Got it? Good.