SFU washroom reviews

Illustrated by Cora Fu

Written by: Kitty Cheung

Towers, SFU Residence (2/5 stars)

Ah, dorm life at SFU. While it has become a popular opinion that SFU isn’t much of a party school, the vomit in the sink says otherwise. While I do love the toothbrush conversations that I’ve had with floor-mates while living in residence, I don’t miss the shower drain floods and finicky locks on the stall doors.

Bennett Library, third-floor (3/5 stars)

Relatively clean, but they do get busy throughout the day. Pro-tip while hand-washing: the small raised platform between the two sinks is the optimal spot to place the textbooks you plan on selling later to avoid the germy water of the countertop. Also, the automatic toilets may flush before you are ready to go, so beware of splashies!

Maggie Benston Centre (3/5 stars)

To avoid congestion during the peak washroom-use hours, I recommend the MBC washrooms (if one can actually find them). Washrooms in the AQ, West Mall, and other buildings which hold lectures tend to be busy during the breaks between classes. MBC provides a more secluded option with a large quantity of stalls, so you can be in and out of there quickly without having to potty-dance in line.

Academic Quadrangle, fifth-floor (4/5 stars)

For the fifth floor of the AQ, I recommend the stall closest to the window. As you sit upon your porcelain throne, you have the opportunity to glance outside at the beautiful urban landscaping of the AQ. While these washrooms can get busy, the scenic view is particularly intriguing at this time of year: convocation. You can just feel the desperate energy of graduates taking self-important photos by the pond for what may be the last time. And if you look closely, even the koi are quivering with nervousness under the stone pathway.

Once you get to hand-washing, you are greeted by an infinite number of reflected images of your sorry-ass self due to the double-mirrors facing each other. The natural lighting provided by the large windows also brings out the heavy rings around the eyes from late-night studying — a true sign of hard work for the healthy and hygienic student.

Behind Studio A in SIAT area (women’s) (5/5 stars!!!)

To all self-identified ladies, get ready for your new favourite lounge spot. With its spacious interior design and floor-to-ceiling windows (with translucent patterns to give you that much-needed privacy), this washroom behind Studio A is truly the hidden gem of Surrey campus. Its most striking feature is the luxurious couch in the far corner of the room overlooking Surrey. Yes — a COUCH in the washroom! There, one can lie down, catch up on readings, review lecture notes, eat lunch, watch the sunset, and nap to the relaxing murmur of running water and hand-dryers.