New Music Friday

(Linda Shu / The Peak)

By: Danielle Davie, Meghan Light, Courtney Miller, Natasha Tar

“God’s Plan” Drake

Danielle Davie: It’s not as much of a banger as some of Drake’s other songs — “One Dance” comes to mind — but it was enjoyable.

Meghan Light: I was disappointed with this to be honest. I’m a big Drake fan but now it just seems like he’s pumping out the same stuff over and over.

Courtney Miller: “Trying to keep it peaceful is a struggle for me.” How is that difficult? It’s a very monotonous track, totally forgettable.

Natasha Tar: It does sound like all his other stuff, Meghan is right there. If only he could make something as funny as “Hotline Bling” again.

“Driving” Emma-Lee

DD: I’ve never heard of Emma-Lee before, but I dig her! And she’s Canadian! Some aspects of the song are a bit generic, but I dig it nonetheless.

ML: I liked this one! The music production is very nice. It feels very chill and would be a good song to study to!

CM: Yeah, honestly, this is diggable. At least, more than most of the stuff that hits New Music Friday. A little spacey-sounding at times, but not a turn-off.

NT: It’s fine.

“Girl Next Door” Sauti Sol, Tiwa Savage

DD: Groovy! It makes me want to dance, though I think Tiwa Savage could do with less auto-tune.

ML: This made me feel like I was at a school dance in grade seven. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

CM: I like the music, the intro auto-tune vocal thing I can live without. Reggae feel. It’s a’ight.

NT: This is pretty chill.

“Dancing” Kylie Minogue

DD: I don’t like the mix, the whole song falls flat and sounds muffled. As for the rest of the song, it is catchy, and it has me tapping my foot, but it’s not something I would listen to again.

ML: Why did this feel so weird? The song is really awkward to be honest . . . It sounds like a mash-up of country and electronic . . . and folk . . . and . . . everything? Strange.

CM: Ask for more, Kylie. You deserve it. Even though this is pretty standard. If you just left it mostly guitar and less club-wannabe, it’d probably be better.

NT: Yeah the mix of stuff does throw me off, but it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

“Sick Boy” The Chainsmokers

DD: The Chainsmokers aren’t good, and this song is no exception. It sounds like they’re trying to sound like Twenty One Pilots with this one. Also, I’m still upset that they accepted David Bowie’s Grammy last year.

ML: I hate the Chainsmokers, and I hate this song. It sounds like they made it for the soundtrack of the next bad DC movie.

CM: Honestly, my favourite Chainsmokers song is “Closer,” except, like, the Boyce Avenue and Sarah Hyland version. So . . . I don’t actually like the Chainsmokers, and that includes this song.

NT: Booooooorrrrrrrringgggggggggggggg.

“Egyptian Luvr” Rejjie Snow, Animé, Dana Williams

DD: I really like this one. Dana Williams’ voice is beautiful, and Rejjie Snow and Animé both have really enjoyable verses. This song is super smooth.

ML: THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING. It kind of reminds me of Kaytranada. 10/10.

CM: It sounds like it’s trying too hard to be seductive. But yeah, it’s pretty smooth otherwise. I won’t even skip this one. Wait. A guy is vocalizing now. Maybe I will skip it. I tried.

NT: Eh, it went downhill pretty fast.

“Mi Gna (Maître Gims Remix)” Maître Gims, Super Sako, Hayko

DD: It’s a little bit boring after the first minute. Maybe that’s because I don’t understand the languages they’re singing in? Maybe it’s because it’s just repetitive. Who knows.

ML: The first bit of this song was weird, but I really really liked it in the end. It has a cool vibe.

CM: Actually, I don’t have anything bad to say about this one. I’d listen to it again.

NT: I SWEAR THEY SAID FRENCH TOAST. Other than that, this was a pretty good song.

“These Days” Rudimental, Jess Glynne, Macklemore, Dan Caplen

DD: Do people still listen to Macklemore? I know it’s technically Rudimental’s song, but any song that starts with piano and Macklemore talking about something emotional feels played out.

ML: This song was just OK. It has Macklemore in it . . . and it is almost exactly the same as “Glorious.” I can’t lie and say it’s not catchy though.

CM: I really like Rudimental, actually, so this could’ve been worse. I think Macklemore was a bit extra. Does sound like some other stuff, but sometimes that’s OK.

NT: Meh. Maybe if I listened harder to the lyrics I’d care, but the beat is pretty boring.

“It’s Too Much” Moose Blood

DD: Moose Blood is a weird name for a band, don’tcha think? This song sounds like the soundtrack to an angsty middle schooler’s fight with their parents about staying up past their bedtime or something else they won’t remember next year.

ML: For a second I thought I was listening to my dad’s mix CD’s from 2005.

CM: Aw yeah, it’s starting with mellow emo strains. Excellent. 10/10 would listen again in 2007.

NT: *confused*

“Tongue Tied” WESLEE

DD: I will admit, the title immediately made me think of Grouplove’s song by the same name, and I was disappointed I would not be listening to that song. However, I really like this one! It’s chill, and a little moody. I’m here for it!

ML: This song felt chill, but to be honest, it lacked substance for me. It doesn’t feel like it had effort put into it.

CM: Yeah, I was disappointed this wasn’t Faber Drive’s song of the same name. So. Yeah. Disappointed. Danielle’s right though, it’s a slow, slightly moody song, that can be good in the right moment. 9 a.m. on Friday morning is not that time, though.

NT: The singer sounds like she’s falling asleep to the sound of her own voice.

“Kendimi Kandiramam” Seksendört

DD: I’m not really feeling this one. I don’t like the vocals, but the strings are nice.

ML: So boring. So angsty.

CM: Evanescence? (Except without the amazing Amy Lee. Why is there so much angst this week?)

NT: ?

“Heaven’s Gate Burna Boy, Lily Allen

DD: This one isn’t really my thing, but I could see myself getting into it if I saw it live and the performers were having as much fun as they sound like they’re having on the recording.

ML: Wait, I thought Lily Allen didn’t want to make music anymore? This song still feels like she doesn’t.

CM: It’s fine as background music.

NT: I don’t think I like any part of this.