SFSS finalizes date for elections next semester

The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Board of Directors decided on the dates for the election of board members next semester at a meeting on December 1. The approved notice of elections set the voting period for March 20, 21, and 22, 2018.

This will be the first election to take place since the board overhauled its elections policies following the vote last year. The requirement that the board set voting dates is part of the new policies that are intended to increase candidate and voter turnout as well as resolve difficulties in the delivery of elections.

Now that the dates for the voting period have been set by the board, the timeline for the rest of the election period will be established by the Independent Electoral Commission.

Society to develop sexual misconduct policy

The board approved a bid to develop a sexual misconduct policy for SFSS staff members as the society intends to adopt the university policy for incidents that involve students in the spaces it administers.

Education representative Jamie Zhu explained that the society will be supporting the university policy in its spaces, but that the society will need to develop its own policy for its particular circumstances, which encompasses its staff.

In June, the university had approached the student society to urge them to consider developing their own policy because the SFU policy would not have jurisdiction in spaces held by the society, such as the society-owned Student Union Building.

Board considers making funding available to external groups

The board approved a recommendation to expand its granting program so that it can accommodate applications coming from independent groups on campus.

The proposal came from the accessibility committee after the society had received a request to provide accessibility funding to an unaffiliated group, explained Jimmy Dhesa, vice-president student services.

“The accessibility fund is set up to be distributed to students and student groups who are making requests that are going to improve their experience on campus,” added chief executive officer Martin Wyant.

The SFSS already has a granting process for students as well as clubs and student unions which fall under the umbrella of the society. The next steps will be to put together a plan for expanding the granting program that will have to come back to the board for approval.

Pub night comes in under budget

The sold-out pub night hosted by the SFSS just before Halloween came in well below the expected budget, according to the event report received at the board meeting. The budget for the event was originally over $5,000, but the actual costs were just over $3,200 before the revenue from ticket sales.

The cost of the pub night incurred by the student society came in at $475.