Your last-minute Halloween costume survival guide


Halloween is fast-approaching, and there’s a good chance you have an invite or two to respond to. If you’re in need of a last-minute costume, we got you. All of these are cheap, easy to assemble, last-minute ideas for your average costume procrastinator. So sit back, relax, and let us help you half-ass Halloween this year.

Your own evil twin

The ultimate money-saving costume, dressing as your own evil twin only requires one item: a fake moustache. You can either paint one on with an eyebrow pencil (this works especially well for a thin, French-style moustache) or buy a fake one. – MJHeviltwin_cmyk

The pink girl emoji

Have a plain pink shirt? Can you make your hair and face look plain? Perfect, you can be the emoji of a girl in a pink shirt. She has a few different poses and faces; just make sure you’re making a different pose in every photo taken that night. – TC

coolcat_cmykOne cool cat

Back in second year, I really wanted to wear a costume, but I didn’t have the confidence to go full out. I decided to wear all black with a leather jacket and sunglasses. To top it off, I wore cat ears. I was a real cool cat (and yes, I did get the idea from an episode of Community). – JP

Becky with the good hair

Slap on a nametag saying “Becky,” and then spend the rest of the time on your hair. – AFbecky_cmyk


If you ever have to get ready for a costume party quickly, and don’t have dress-up clothes, being a pirate is fast and simple. Throw on a striped shirt and some black denim shorts or pants, and you’re most of the way there. Search your room for some black boots and a red scarf or bandana to tie around your head, and you’re set! Optional: a single hoop earring or cardboard sword. – MO

hockey_cmykHockey player

Own a hockey jersey? Put it on. Now you’re a hockey player. Welcome to the team. – NB


Run to your computer and print off a page that says “404 COSTUME NOT FOUND.” There you have it, you’re an error. – NR

Beauty queen runner-uprunnerup_cmyk

Super quick, and super fun. All you have to do is apply a lot of mascara to your eyelashes and your cheeks. In order to really sell it, you can wear a sash that says “runner-up.” But the mascara will be enough to convince folks you’re one sad little beauty queen. – NS