Five things to get you in the mood for fall

Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

OK, I know some of you are going to instantly go “That is a holiday movie and has no place in September,” but it is my favourite fall movie. It has fun songs, Tim Burton’s signature style, and it also makes me long for the crisp fall winds that promise pumpkin carving, discount Halloween candy, and the eventual end to the hell that is midterms.

Drinks: Starbucks caramel apple spice and whiskey cocktails

Think of this as a day drink and night drink kind of pairing. Starbucks during the day and cocktails at night. I know PSL is the iconic fall drink from Starbucks, but caramel apple spice is just better. It might not have caffeine, but it tastes like fall is gving you a big old comforting embrace. And whiskey cocktails are just a no-brainer after the overly fruity and sickly sweet cocktails of summer. It’s nice to have a more complex and robust drink while you’re sitting by a fire.

Food: Anything made with squash or apples

I know this is vague, and isn’t really one food item or a place to get food, but hear me out. We live where we can get local squash and apples and there is nothing as rewarding as celebrating local produce. It generally tastes better because it was harvested when it was ready, and both squash and apples are their best when they’re in season. So go wild and make pies, soups, roasts, and anything else your heart tells you to.

Music: Spotify’s infinite indie folk playlist

Following a summer filled with road trips, parties, beach days, and patio brunches, you just want to find a new level of chill to match the one in the air. This playlist is perfect for that: it isn’t as moody as a winter playlist, but isn’t so upbeat that you’ll want to go to the beach every day, either. It has a mix of upbeat and downtempo songs so you’ll be able to find something to match your mood and, at a runtime of almost 22 hours, it can be the soundtrack of your entire fall.

TV: Midsomer Murders

This is a long-running (17 seasons are on Netflix) British crime drama that begs you to cocoon up in a blanket with a massive mug of tea and watch as Inspector Barnaby solves a series of complex and confusing homicides. Its strength is in the fact that it isn’t an Americanized crime drama, it still maintains its unique Britishness, and it proves to have enough twists and turns that you don’t care about the almost two-hour runtime per episode. It is also one of those shows where you can leave off and pick up anywhere, making for perfect fall viewing.