FOOD FIGHT: Five cheap eats near campus


Food Fight is dedicated to highlighting the differences between vegan and non-vegan cuisines. By reviewing restaurants in Metro Vancouver, columnists Yelin and Bart show how you can have the best of both worlds.

We get it, we know you can’t always afford fancy stuff. Your seasonal contract working for Forever 21 just expired, and no matter how much you ‘make it rain’ with your résumé throughout Vancouver, you can’t seem to find work. Your savings are dwindling and your palms sweat while telling your friends you can’t tag along to Earl’s for a birthday because you’re broke as fuck. We’ve all been there, and food fight is here to offer up five cheap eats with vegetarian options.

Disclaimer: some of these places might lack fantastic ambiance and make you really utilize your unlimited student compass card. The purpose of this article is to highlight places with prices great for broke students and mediocrity in everything else.

1. The Famous Warehouse

Locations at 989 Granville St., and 156 West Hastings St.

Everything on the menu is $4.95, including a surprising variety of vegetarian options like the vegetarian quesadilla, veggie burgers, and more. The portions are fair, especially for the price, and the ambiance is alright for a meeting with a friend. Be sure to avoid the rush hours and note they only accept credit or cash. If you have neither, be prepared to use their ATM in the back.

2. Bon’s Off Broadway

Located at 2451 Nanaimo St.

You woke up at 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon with a hangover that demands bottomless coffee and a greasy all-American breakfast. I’ve got the remedy for you. Grab a friend and make the trek out to Bon’s Off Broadway for a proudly advertised all day $2.95 breakfast which includes eggs, meat, potatoes, and toast. In a bit of a nitty gritty ambiance inside and out but with brisk service and perfectly cooked eggs.

3. La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop

Locations at 2549 Cambie St., 322 West Hastings St., and 1305 Welch St.

Local, organic, cheap tacos with homemade tortillas with a location on Cambie and Hastings. . . need I say more? Vegetarian tacos at $2.50 each or 4 for $8.50, splitsies with a friend if you’re not too hungry — they include two vegan options with mushrooms and zucchini.

4. Sushi California

Locations at 388 West Broadway, and 501 North Rd.

This spot offers large sashimi portions and large sushi rolls for well under $5, and is popular amongst the community for both its quality and quantity. I would suggest avoiding the typical rush hours and not bringing a larger group without a reservation. It’s just a short walk from Lougheed Town Centre station!

5. Basil Pasta Bar

Locations at 636 Davie St., and 1602 Yew St.

Near Pacific Centre downtown and with a motto of “tasty meets affordable,” it’s still not going to be the most extravagant pasta you’ll ever eat. That being said, almost all the dishes are $8.95 and a glass of house wine to accompany your meal is $4. The service is friendly and will tolerate your vegan inquiries with grace. It’s good for a cheaper Italian dinner fare without really sacrificing anything.