Big Smoke Burger beefs up the campus food game

Big Smoke will boost the campus food game with good burgers and great fries.

With a new location on the horizons for the Cornerstone building, I decided to go and check out the Big Smoke Burger on Broadway in anticipation.

The overall feel of the chain is fast-casual — think Chipotle, but for burgers. Aside from that, the options that the menu offers are almost endless. You can add on to any of the pre-existing burger options, select the size of the patty, and sub out the classic beef patty for one of organic beef, lamb, chicken, or veggie.

The classic beef burger itself is not too juicy but also not too dry. It was perfectly cooked. I wouldn’t say that it was the best burger that I’ve ever had, but it was up there. The bun game wasn’t as strong as I would have liked — it reminded me too much of a fast food bun — but I will also admit that I am a bread snob.

What impressed me more than their burger were their french fries. They were beautifully salted, crispy, and even tasted good cold — because let’s face it, unless you are a human vacuum cleaner, your fries will get cold. The dipping sauces that go with the fries are spectacular, but the true stand-out is the rosemary garlic one. It gives the fries a similar taste to roasted potatoes which is a pleasant surprise.

Given the strength of their fries, the other sides that they offer — poutine and onion rings — should prove equally as strong.

Diners at the SFU location will also have the option of pairing their burger with a beer. This is something that the Broadway location doesn’t offer, and given the many flavours, the ability to pair your food with a beer will elevate this from another fast-casual dining establishment to somewhere you could see yourself spending some time hanging out with friends.

All in all, Big Smoke Burgers should prove to be a welcome addition to the dining options on campus.