SPOOF: Six beauty trends for 2016 — number four will rock your socks

2016 is going to be the year of new, hot looks. But don’t worry — Peakmo is here to help you navigate the year’s freshest styles.

  1. Goodbye smoky eye, hello flaming eyelids!

The time of smoky eyes has come and gone. This year marks the start of the new trend: flaming eyes. The technique is simple: just find something highly flammable, rub it on your eyelids, and find a match! You’ll be too hot to handle.

  1. Friendship bracelets made out of your BFF’s armpit hair

Nothing says ‘BFFLs’ like exchanging armpit hairs to braid a beautiful bracelet! Armpit hair accessories have been appearing everywhere after Miley Cyrus was seen with one!

  1. Put rocks in your socks

It may take a while to break in your new rocks, but once you have, all eyes will be on you! Remember to colour coordinate your rocks with your shoes and with the blood from the calloused blisters covering your feet!

  1. The saran wrap dress

You will be the talk of the town in your saran wrap dress. It’s even rumored that T-Swift is looking into getting custom saran dresses made for her and her squad! Slip into one of these and be transparently beautiful!

  1. Starbucks’ new lingerie lineup

This product is still in its launch phase, so bras are only coming in three sizes: tall, grande, and venti. The initial unveiling showed how comfortable and easy these bras will be to wear — just suction the Starbucks cup to your breast and you are ready to go! Madonna is said to be involved with the outer design of the 2016 collection, so you know these bras will be fierce.

  1. ‘Face with tears of joy’ emoji nipple pasties

Looking to show a bit of skin, but not too much skin? These nipple emoji stickers have you (partially) covered! After the ‘face with tears of joy’ emoji was named the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year, these nipple stickers became pretty much inevitable. Celebs such as Celine Dion and even Gary Busey have already been spotted sporting this latest style!