The story of El Chapo Guzmán and me

Here we have the story of me, and the story of a scary.
These men did not start out the same; geographic fortune is to blame.
While one was born rich and the other poor, the tide has turned on Rich’s door.
So if you were to pay a claim, make an investment, in the game
You’d probably pick the wrong name, be upset, and put to shame.

Both men I speak of are in news, but for different reasons; I’ll review.
While I set out on a degree, he grew a marijuana tree.
As time went on and seasons passed, the green in his bank was unsurpassed.
And while I wrote, mostly for free, he has enough to split the sea.
Don’t forget what we’ve seen, to break bad, and sell methamphetamine.

But I’m not talking Walter White, this man is real and out of sight.
He strikes his rivals with great vengeance, never serving a full sentence.
Governments bash at his empire, he does what circumstances require.
Many seem to thank his presence, and Forbes says he’s made an entrance.
If I show enough repentance, maybe I’ll be his new apprentice?