The Acorn brings you brunch

Photo courtesy of Yelin Gemma Lee.

The Acorn and Luke’s General Store are collaborating to introduce the most exquisite vegan/vegetarian brunch in Metro Vancouver. The Acorn restaurant on Main Street at 24th, highly reputable among food critics, is proudly and successfully serving my favourite meal of the day in fresh, local style.

The restaurant draws you in with their modest but eye-catching sign, and makes you stay with their genuine service and stellar ambiance boasting a modern, elegant scene with staple plants and decor pieces that add a rustic and down-to-earth touch. Picture wooden tables, but polished and sleek, with all the decor, unique and eye-catching, while seamlessly organized and clean cut. This incredible balance creates a perfect setting that’s appropriate for any brunch occasion, whether it’s your grandma’s birthday or the kickoff to a day out with the girls.

The best part is of course the food and drink. Luke’s cold brew provides a sharp and sophisticated taste that compliments the rich brunch dishes. Having selected artichoke from the menu, I was pleasantly surprised. The southern fried artichokes were served alongside vegan house waffles, bourbon maple syrup, pickled shallots, and mushroom red eye gravy. The portions are just right — enough to fill you up, but not so much that you will leave half of it hastily discarded on the plate.

The dish was made into an appealing work of art with the garnish of pickled onions and edible bachelor buttons grown in a nearby garden and placed just so. It’s the kind of thing that is too pretty to eat, but irresistable to not. The Four Barrel Roasters brewed coffee is one a coffee-lover can truly appreciate: a smooth roast with tasteful notes that don’t make you cringe at the acidity. It’s perfect for when you are finished your delicious meal sooner than you expected, and want to linger a while.

Almost everything on The Acorn’s menu is gluten free or vegan, and the items that are not have that option available. You will not find a single dish presented here at any other restaurant. They take the base of classic meals and turn them into unique concoctions that can’t be mimicked or compared.

My favorite thing about the restaurant, though, would have to be their devotion to supporting local markets and farms. They credit them on the menu and make great efforts to establish a connection between the farm and the table. This is shown in their Beggars Banquet at brunch and Harvest Meal at dinner which are composed of seasonal ingredients harvested that very day and served on the table within a couple of hours.

Brunch at The Acorn is nothing short of a beautiful and pleasant experience with friendly staff, an incomparable menu, and a delightful ambiance that will surely end with being enticed to visit again and again.