Twelve ways to celebrate BC Day like a true British Columbian


On August 3, residents across the province will celebrate the statutory holiday British Columbia Day, or BC Day. What are people supposed to do to commemorate such an occasion? No one’s really sure, but here are 12 activities that we’ve decided are certifiably-authentic ways to celebrate BC day in Vancouver.

1. Partake in a yoga class.

2. Complain about people doing yoga outside on Aboriginal Day.

3. Complain about Christy Clark and her push for LNG expansion in this province.

4. Complain about Kinder Morgan and how futile complaining about Kinder Morgan probably is.

5. Complain about how warm the weather’s been.

6. Complain about how it rained on the one day you had plans to go outside.

7. Complain about TransLink and how much money you think they probably waste.

8. Complain about Vancouver being a “No Fun City.”

9. Complain about how expensive Whole Foods has gotten.

10. Complain about how there are too many (or too few) bike lanes.

11. Complain about how expensive it is to live in Vancouver.

12. Complain about how people complain too much.