Requirements for my ideal summer job

Photo courtesy of Nic Adler (Flickr)
Photo courtesy of Nic Adler (Flickr)
Photo courtesy of Nic Adler (Flickr)
  • Easy-going, not too strenuous

  • Fun, enjoyable

  • Somehow related to what I want to do for a career

  • Decent pay ó nothing outrageous, just a few dollars above minimum wage

  • Not too many hours, but still enough that I’m paying all of my bills, with lots of money to spend on fun things, and enough left over that I’m setting aside $100 each month for my savings

  • Preferably outdoors

  • But with the option to go inside if I get too hot or already have a sunburn

  • And I should be able to wear shorts while working, because sometimes my legs get sweaty when I wear pants in the summer

  • Evenings and weekends off to hang out with my friends

  • A few weekdays off too, for day trips/longer camping trips

  • Maybe something that has me near a pool or beach?

  • Nothing where I’ll smell like whatever I was selling afterwards

  • Co-workers around my age would be nice

  • But they also have to be cool. Cool enough that I could see myself socializing with these people outside of a work setting

  • Preferable if the job is within walking distance of my house

  • With shifts that start late enough that I don’t have to get up early (but end early enough that when I finish my shift, I still have most of the day left for the beach and stuff)

  • Something that exists in reality and not just in my dreams