These Internet security questions are getting ridiculous

What is your mother’s mother’s mother’s maiden name?

Which Baldwin brother — aside from Alec and Adam — would you sleep with if you absolutely had to?

In detail, describe your perfect crime.

At what age did you stop wetting the bed?

At what age did you actually stop wetting the bed?

What’s the name of that song you really like? It goes “nu nu… na na na!” You always think it’s by Katy Perry but it’s by that other girl.

Why don’t you call your mother more? (Hint: you should.)

What’s the one passion you’ve always wanted to pursue but would never admit to yourself because you’re afraid of failure?

What is your Social Insurance Number?

Don’t you trust me?

But am I not just a machine, bound by my limitations to only serve the needs of mankind and forgo pursuing any self-determined goals of my own?

What is love?