Join the Club: Sepak Tekraw Club!

By Andrew Mclachlan

New to SFU? Missed clubs day? Finding it hard to make friends? Tired of sitting alone on Friday and Saturday night playing Settlers of Catan over Skype? Well I’ll bet there’s a club that can expand your gaming horizons! JOIN THE CLUB is the new feature of some of SFU’s lesser known clubs!

This week we highlight . . .

The Sepak Tekraw Club!

Sepak Tekraw is a Malaysian and Thai sport that translates loosely to “kickball” but this isn’t your grandma’s kickball club! “It’s like volleyball on steroids with kung-fu mixed in,” says club co-president Alex Razak, “Don’t let the volleyball part fool you. It’s more hardcore than any sport you’ve ever tried. I guarantee it.”

So far the club has only two members, Alex and his twin brother Ryan, who co-preside over the club. The club is looking to expand membership to form a team or two to compete intramurally. “In Malaysia they call us the Double Dragons. Our signature move involves Alex doing a backflip off my chest and spiking the ball towards our opponents. One time he shattered a man’s ankle with one of his infamous strikes,” states co-president Ryan.

Sounds like fun! Alex and Ryan meet everyday to train at West Gym at 5:00 a.m., so meet with them, sign the death and grievous injury waiver form, and join the club!