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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

UAV Journalism

The Peak's News team went on location to an air strip in North Coquitlam, where we explore Team Guardian's exciting Un-maned Air Vehicle. Created: Julian...

A quick look at the SFU Clubs

A short video covering clubs day, and the clubs offered at SFU. Created: Julian Giordano Contact: multimedia@the-peak.ca Score: Colors - Leo Perez

Interview with the SFSS President

A short interview with Lorenz Yeung about the SFSS, and what it hopes to accomplish for the summer. Created: Julian Giordano Contact: multimedia@the-peak.ca

2012 SFSS Executive Election Candidate Interviews

The following are interviews with various executive candidates running in the 2012 SFSS election. Only the candidates that allowed themselves to be interview have...

Geek Week Recap

Here's what you missed at SFU's Geek Week. With booths from the Earth Science, Chemistry, Statistics, and Biology departments, Geek Week 2012 was...