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Saturday, July 20, 2019

QUIZ: What Grade Are You Going to Get on Your Latest Assignment?

Written by: Hannah Davis Take this quiz rather than doing the assignment to find out how well you’ll do.  

QUIZ: Let’s Find The Best Crying Spot on Campus for You!

Written by: Aaron Richardson We know the turmoils of university education can weigh you down, but have you ever wondered where is the best spot...

Recap of the SFSS AGM

Created by Melissa Campos

Peak Speak: What Do You Think You Were in Your Past Life?

On this week's episode of Peak Speak, we ask students what they think they were in their past lives. Created by Gene Cole and Dino...

News Beat: What’s With All The Construction On Campus?

In today's 'News Beat', we look at the various projects under construction at SFU. Created by Melissa Campos

How Did Simon Fraser University Get Its Name?

Ever wondered where SFU got its name? The Peak brings you some answers. (P.S It's a lot less straightforward than you might think). Presented by...