The Bright-er Side: summer semesters

The appeal of sacrificing your summer break

someone with a cheerful look on their face, SFU burnaby campus backdrop, sun shining
ILLUSTRATION: Cliff Ebora / The Peak

By: Kaja Antic, Staff Writer

This summer I decided to take courses on the main Burnaby campus for the first time in my SFU career, and so far, I’ve really enjoyed it. 

Scaling Burnaby Mountain watching the Burnaby skyline meet the bright blue atmosphere is unmatched. Sometimes you’ll see a deer or even a bear along the winding roads, the animals welcoming you to the natural beauty surrounding the campus. 

I know SFU’s brutalist architecture style seems depressing to many, but there’s something about the vines spread across the library’s exterior walls that makes it seem like an inviting grand fortress.

As I watch fellow students and community members walk through the campus on a nice day — enjoying the AQ pond, reading outside, not worried about being judged for their caffeine source of choice — the concrete blocks become bright and beautiful. 

It’s also wonderful to not worry about forgetting my jacket, and when I’m done a full day of class, there’s still plenty of sunlight for my travels home. There’s a certain aura of lightness to the semester, even if you’re taking a particularly difficult course.

I understand some have reservations about the summer semester, whether it be to work or get a break from schooling. Still, the energy of the semester can brighten up the grey experiences of the previous months, and I highly recommend at least visiting the campus paths during this season to get a taste of the beauty often clouded during the traditional school year.

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