Connect the Lingo

Idioms and terminology from the sporting world

Illustration of a character connecting the words “connect the” and “lingo” with a pencil.
ILLUSTRATION: Alyssa Umbal / The Peak

By: Kaja Antic, Sports Writer

  1. ________ league was a baseball term used to refer to minor league baseball teams in rural towns, but is more often used to describe a lack of professional standards and etiquette.
  2. A goalie in hockey is given a _________ cheer by the crowd when they make an easy save after previously allowing multiple goals on not-so-great chances.
  3. While a 0–0 score in sports is sometimes referred to as goose eggs, the MLB uses the term _________ to describe when a team scores eight runs, due to its similar appearance. 
  4. A ___________ ___________ is a dangerous move in hockey when a player lodges their stick between an opponent’s leg and locks them in, rendering them defenseless. 
  5. In entertainment wrestling shows, the ring announcer states the contest is scheduled for _________ __________ to indicate the winner only needs to pin and beat their opponent to a three count once. 
  6. An opponent is _________ in basketball when they get dunked on in such an outrageous manner that it deserves to be framed. 
  7. Each _________ (period) in Polo is seven minutes long. 
  8. A ________ is an illegal shot in table tennis when a player hits the ball prior to it dropping on their side of the table. 
  9. In cricket, the person closest to the batsman is called the ________ ________.
  10.  The term _______ originated in horse racing and refers to a more talented horse or rider illicitly swapped into competition.

Word Bank

can opener
one fall
silly point


1.) Bush 
2.) Bronx
3.) Snowman
4.) Can opener 
5.) One fall 
6.) Posterized
7.) Chukka
8.) Volley 
9.) Silly point 
10.) Ringer

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