Two Minute Drill: Owen Gudmundson

Part-time wrestler, full-time sock collector

photo of SFU men’s wrestler Owen Gudmundson taking down his opponent on the mat.
PHOTO: Owen Gudmundson

By: Natalie Cooke, News Writer 

Owen Gudmundson is a sophomore on the SFU wrestling team, where he competes in the 197 lbs weight class. He is a molecular biology and biochemistry student, and was the 2020 Calgary City Champion in the 168 lbs weight class.

Editor’s note: This piece has been edited for clarity and length.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete? 

A: David Taylor, he’s an American wrestler.

Q: What is your walkout song? 

A: Here Comes the Money — it’s Shane McMahon’s walkout song in the WWE.

Q: Which teammate makes you laugh the most? 

A: Ryan Hicks.

Q: If you got a superlative award, what would it be for? 

A: Smartest or nerdiest.

Q: Most memorable wrestling memory? 

A: Canada Summer Games. This summer, I won the bronze medal in the 216 pound individual men’s competition.

Q: Favourite traveling pass-time? 

A: Reading or listening to non-fiction podcasts.

Q: Favourite food place in Burnaby? 

A: Uncle Fatih’s

Located at the finest academic establishment, SFU. 

Q: What’s something that no one knows about you? 

A: I have an enormous sock collection. I have a pair of socks that resemble the layers of the earth. They have dinosaur bones and rocks on them    it’s pretty sick. 

Q: What would you change about wrestling? 

A: I think people need to wrestle more, which means more stalling calls. If you’re not doing anything, the referee can penalize you. Eventually, you start giving up points. 

Q: What sport would you compete in other than wrestling? 

A: Marathon running. Imagine the fastest marathon runners, they can run 42 km in two hours.