Horoscopes Oct 10th–Oct 16th

The Stars command you to consider your Halloween costume

An illustration of a girl with long flowing hair. Astrological signs and stars shine around her.
ILLUSTRATION: Marissa Ouyang / The Peak

By: Kelly Chia, reader of the Stars and fanfiction


Take literary inspiration and dress up as a scarlet “A” this year, as in Scarlet Letter. Not only will you show your teachers initiative by dressing as an A, you will also experience the public persecution of fitting your outfit through classroom doors! A+ for you, Aries!


Taurus, I’m feeling like you should dress up as specifically Rick O’Connell from The Mummy. No, the Stars haven’t been on a movie binge recently. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to empower yourself with himbo energy?


The Stars aren’t sure you will dress up this year. You have like, a gazillion costume ideas, but ultimately midterms and finals may wear you down to dress up as a student trying their best. You know what? You’re doing great!


Ignore everything we just wrote about Gemini, because dear Cancer, this Halloween is your time to worship the Soothsayer of Forests: Hozier! We predict a flower crown and loose flowing outfits in your future. 


Leo, you will be absolutely transcendent, darling. No, dressing up as a concept isn’t pretentious! Everyone deserves some glamour and sophistication, especially you, my dear. I love that you want to dress as “the vulnerability of being known,” or whatever that means! Superstar.


Virgo, no pressure, but you know you have to do this better than anyone else. You’ve been thinking about your Halloween costume concept since July, making foam pieces of armor, and putting it all together. Blow us away!


Cringe culture is over, Libra. Who cares what people think? You want to pull out Scarlet Witch? Do it. You want to do a Winx fairy? Do it! Chase your bliss, and have fun.


Do you remember when a few weeks ago I advised you to live your best 2014 Tumblr life? That’s right, babe, I think you should go all in. I think you should wear your SuperWhoLock shirt with pride. Or even dress up as a Supernatural character! I promise you will be adored.


The Stars divined your fate almost immediately, lucky creature! You should dress up as your comfort food, which is definitely some kind of soup. Just one look at your comforting ceramic shape should reassure everyone around you, just in time for exam season.


Have you hit up a pumpkin patch yet? The Stars think you should take some time to relax and fulfil your childhood dreams of wandering through the pumpkin patch as a character from Narnia


Oh, Aquarius, I think we are having some trouble getting your costume ready for you! It happens from time to time, some interception between the Stars and between me, their humble translator. Here, why don’t you take my trusty disco ball outfit. So you can be ballin’ and the belle of the ball!


We’re not sure if you are the kind to get in the spirit for Halloween, but you can still have fun! Take up some candy and carve out a pumpkin with your friends. Dress up as the Mario Kart characters together!