Monday Music: You went partying with Drake, now this is what you listen to

Grime is the real baller of the UK, so let’s get down with some of the greatest of all time

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Yasmin Vejs Simsek, Staff Writer

In my personal opinion, grime is one of the best things to come out of the UK. This relatively new genre of music (2000s) that stems from a mix of garage, jungle, and hip hop has its epicenter in London. So here you have five songs by Black artists from the grime scene to get you out of your Drake phase and into a whole new world of rap.


Big for your boots by Stormzy

Photo Credit: #Merky Warner ADA

How could one start a suggestion of grime music without the biggest top boy of all? Stormzy once protested the rise in knife-crimes and racial inequality in Britain by performing at Glastonbury with a stab-proof vest designed by Banksy. He got tens of thousands of people to scream “fuck the government and fuck Boris” while performing “Vossi Bop.” Yet he is soft enough to make this hit song with the lyrics, “You’re never too big for Adele.” Enjoy this masterpiece that’ll big you up to seize the day. In grime lingo, to “big up” means to feel important.


Red Card by JME, Skepta, Jammer & Shorty

Photo Credit: Boy Better Know Collective

This number has some of the big shots from BBK behind it. If you want to feel like you own the campus when you walk through it to your dreaded summer classes, this is the soundtrack for your day. You can almost see the make it rain meme happen to this song. It’s utterly adorable how these men who seem so tough on the outside sing lyrics about Mario Kart and Haribo. 


16 Shots by Stefflon Don

Photo Credit: Polydor Records

I had to include the queen of grime: Stefflon Don, who dominates the international women rap scene. Arguably this song is not grime but Stefflon Don mixes her background in grime with Jamaican dancehall and the result is chef’s kiss. Even though it’s a tad hard-hitting, it’s all about self-defence and protecting the ones you’re closest to. This is an amazing empowerment song for women. 


Aladdinby Not3s

Photo Credit: Relentless Records

This song helps you envision yourself wearing your sunglasses, cruising in your imaginary BMW, with your arms in the air through the open window. A lot of grime is about confidence and this song is no exception. It’s interesting because most of these artists are in their early-mid 20’s. Their talents back their arrogance, so if you’re ready to big up with the mandem, now you know the way.