Bright-er Side: There’s a boatload of free parking at Burnaby Mountain Park for classes at the Burnaby campus

I’ll take the 20-minute walk over hundreds of dollars for an on-campus parking pass, please

Satellite photo of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area with parking lot encircled
Go forth and park there for free. Screenshot: Google Maps

By Nercya Kalino, Staff Writer

Listen, fellow impoverished students: you already pay plenty for your car, from the cost of gas to the cost of insurance, to the time spent in traffic. Why not do your best to avoid parking fees this semester? Fortunately, Burnaby Mountain Park has the parking you need! 

From 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., students can take advantage of a wealth of free parking just a little ways away from the Burnaby campus. It’s well-traveled, well-kept, and I cannot stress this enough free!

No one is going to walk up the mountain. Nor should you. It’s long and strenuous. But you can get in a 20-minute walk in by parking over on the other side of the mountain top. The walk from the parking lot to campus definitely qualifies as “getting in your steps in” if you’re looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

But not everyone likes a refreshing walk. That’s okay. There’s still a big incentive to park over the hill. If you have class later in the afternoon and you park at Burnaby Mountain Park, you’ll find a fantastic view as you come back to your car through the gravel path. With the sunset coming a bit later these days, who knows? You might just be lucky to watch one. 

The park’s parking lot is usually empty of students. But we can park there, in a free, beautiful, and safe environment, rather than choosing to pay exorbitant fees to park in the depths of a concrete future prison. 

Choose better, my friends. Choose free parking.